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About US - Who is BredcHosting.com?

The service BredcHosting.com was created in early 2024, but is only a sub-department of Bredc - Bremnes Data & Consulting, which was founded in 1998.

BredcHosting.com is strictly a web hosting service that offers cheap web-hosting-solutions with cPanel integration for every customer.

About US

About the owner of Bredc.com!

Bjørn Ove Bremnes, 47 years old.

I have learned my computing skills through trying and failing, where failure is motivation to go online and find answers.

I am using a wheelchair after an accident in 1881. This only shows that even if you have a handicap, you can do something with your skills, and if you have a goal in life, the road is not always the straight way, but there are bumps and turns that we all need to overcome to get things done.

Best regards

Bjørn Ove Bremnes
Bremnes Data & Consulting